What All Girls Should Have In A Jewelry Collection

When it comes to jewelry there are few things that every girl should have in their jewelry collection. What should your basic jewelry collection look like? For those who love to accessorize their outfits and sparkle and shine, we've got some amazing jewelry items that you should definitely be into. From signature pieces that sparkle to jewelry that really turns heads - below are some great pieces of jewelry you should add to your wardrobe.


Statement Pieces

Every girl should definitely have a statement piece in her jewelry box. A piece of jewelry that really makes a big, bold statement. Whether it's a podium style necklace with dramatic stones or a beautifully style brooch in the shape of a cat with diamond dyes, dramatic statement pieces are definitely something that you should use to add a massive accent to outfits that are generally playing. For instance, one of the latest trends is pairing a gorgeous diamond necklace with a plain white T-shirt and a cute pair of jeans. When it comes to traumatic statement pieces you should definitely think outside the box. Go for something with a lot of gems or a seriously chunky bracelet that really stands out.


Perfectly Studded Earrings

A perfectly gorgeous pair of earrings are. Or statement earrings. A pair of simple studs are versatile for just about every outfit you man. For instance, a pair of chocolate diamonds can be a great compliment to an otherwise basic or very busy outfit. Chocolate diamonds are classic and elegant and a great way to really make something with Earth Tones stand out. Studded earrings can also be worn in your birth month color, as well as pearls, or even Moonstone. All of these compliment every pattern, and every color in each wardrobe. That's what makes them so versatile and definitely something you should have in your jewelry box.


The Odd Find

There's always that one ought to find that you fall in love with, but no one else can seem to find. It's that rare piece of jewelry like a tiara shaped ring made of chocolate diamonds that you didn't even know existed. Or a pair of sapphire pearl studded earrings that no one else will own because they don't know that pearls are made in sapphire color.  You can find these unique odd, but remarkable pieces of jewelry at none other Kay Jewelers.  also, you can find them for less and feel comfortable wearing these and everyday outfits without breaking the bank. This is a great place to make an investment in jewelry that will last a lifetime. You can also do it all for last when you click the link above and check out the savings to get yourself up to 70% off the retail price when you shop using Kay Jeweler promo codes or coupons codes.


The Simple Gold Bracelet

Every girl should have a simple gold bracelet in their jewelry box. This bracelet is delicate and dainty in nature. What are you love a classic 14 to 18 karat gold bracelet, or the new rose gold medals, a gold bracelet really accents things like a basic white T-shirt or even the most intricate silk blouse.